UDOO All-in-one case


With this design our goal was to turn UDOO board into elegant all-in-one computer that is easy to move around. We have ended up with the case that is compact, easy to assemble yet flexible enough to provide easy access to the UDOO board and accommodate different Arduino shields.

What you need

The case was design for:

  • 15,6″ LVDS display M156B3-L01
  • UDOO_VK-15 Video cable for UDOO
  • UDOO board
  • HDD or SSD 2,5″ drive – optional

All required components are available form UDOO web shop.

Easy to assemble

Only a few minutes are needed to assemble the complete, ready to use all-in-one UDOO based computer. All you need is four screws to mount the display and four standoffs for UDOO board, all included with the case.

Removable back panel

Back panel
Back panel is removable for easy access to the board and Arduino shields mounted on it. HDD/SSD drives can also be mounted on the same panel if required.
Back panel on

Side view

Side view